Firecracker Barbecued Pork

  SERVES 6 COOK TIME 40 Min Sparks will surely fly at your table when you serve up our zesty-tasting Firecracker Barbecued Pork! We made this with a special-tasting glaze that combines the sweetness of barbecue sauce and marmalade, along with a kick of hot pepper sauce and horseradish, for an explosion of flavor in … Continue reading Firecracker Barbecued Pork

Fresh Garden Pasta

  SERVES 4 COOK TIME 30 Min For a fresh and quick meal, whip up our Fresh Garden Pasta! Made with all the warm weather favorites, like zucchini, summer squash, and onion chunks, it’s a flavorful confetti of roasted veggies that rests beautifully on top of some angel hair pasta! But the best part of … Continue reading Fresh Garden Pasta

Pesto Steak Kebabs

  SERVES 4 COOK TIME 10 Min We’ve got just the thing to make your next cookout dynamite! These Pesto Steak Kebabs are made with only 4 ingredients, but they taste steakhouse-worthy. Plus, since steak and potatoes work so well together, we made sure to include them in these kebabs. These are really going to … Continue reading Pesto Steak Kebabs

Backyard Bean Bake

  SERVES 6 COOK TIME 25 Min When it comes to summertime get-togethers, there are some absolute essentials you’re going to want–like our Backyard Bean Bake! Made with canned baked beans, sweet molasses, smoky crumbled bacon, and more, it’s a go-along that everyone will want the recipe for! What You’ll Need 2 (16-ounce) cans baked … Continue reading Backyard Bean Bake

Gold Rush Corn Bake

  SERVES 8 COOK TIME 35 Min In the 19th century, folks went crazy for mining shiny gold nuggets all over the U.S., but the Native Americans treasured a different kind of “gold.” It was corn! With its popularity came corn cakes, corn bread and even hot-from-the-oven corn bakes, like our Gold Rush Corn Bake. … Continue reading Gold Rush Corn Bake

Cowboy Cookies

  MAKES 36 (3 dozen) COOK TIME 12 Min These deliciously chewy Cowboy Cookies were shared with us by Jean, from Hadley, Pennsylvania who originally got this recipe from a woman in her Sunday school class. Wash them down with a tall glass of milk and you’re in business! What You’ll Need 2 cups all-purpose … Continue reading Cowboy Cookies

Crispy Sesame Artichokes

  MAKES about 30 pieces COOK TIME 5 Min You may be serving pasta as the main dish, but when you serve our recipe for Crispy Sesame Artichokes on the side, you’re going to have yourself a main attraction. These tender-cooked artichoke hearts are crispy-coated and full of flavor. Plus, they taste even better when … Continue reading Crispy Sesame Artichokes